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Professional Consultation

The total cost for using our Professional Consultation service will depend on the number of tutoring hours that you require. We suggest that you first send us an outline of what is that you need help with. Your enquiry will be passed onto the appropriate consultant who will reply and indicate how you can take things forward. If you then want to go ahead with the service you will also be informed of the approximate number of hours required. The number of tutoring hours will depend on your specific needs and objectives. Our clients’ requirements differ and we can provide you with a quote if you email us your enquiry to

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Custom Essay Writing Service

The cost for using our custom writing service depends on the length of your essay that you want written. We do not offer different charging rates depending on the days that we have available for returning your work. You either contact us 24 hours before your essay is due for submission or 4 days before and we will charge you the same rate. However, we suggest that you send us the work as soon as you need help and do not wait until the last minute. Having plenty of times gives us the advantage to be able to make further changes and modifications where necessary. Please email: so we can provide you with a customised quote.

With using our service you get value for money that no other similar service provider can offer. Our emphasis on the quality of your work is critical. We mobilise the knowledge and expertise of our consultants to produce an outcome that will ensure you get an excellent grade.  Upon sending your assignment topic/enquiry we will then produce an outline at no cost for you. Here we will show you how we envisage tackling your topic and the sections that will need to be developed. We will also inform you of the cost for our service. Once you are happy we will then ask you to proceed with making an initial payment in order for us to start on your work. There are two ways in which the payment can be made. The first is through bank transfer and the second is through Pay Pal. If you choose to pay through bank transfer we will provide you with our UK bank details. If you choose to pay through Pay Pal, then you will be able to use the below Pay Pal Pay Button so that you can make a quick, easy and secure payment. You do not have to have a Pay Pal account in order to make the payment and the process is safe and secure. Both means of payment are secure and accompanied with the corresponding invoice.