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Academic custom support

The learning process

The design of our website is structured in such a way so that you can monitor the different types of coursework that you have to complete from start to finish!

1.    Record your challenges

During your MBA journey, it is essential to become explicit about your strengths and weakness. Our platform allows you record the challenges you experience without the fear of criticism. Whether this is the interpretation of the assignment question, lack of knowledge in a topic, uncertainty for how to organize your work, it is important that you reflect and record your challenges. For every coursework that you need help we will ask you to document the obstacles you experience. This information is going to become a reference point in our communication with you and in order to help you learn from our advisory service and interaction with you.

2.     Fill in your ‘knowledge gaps’

The different types of coursework you need to complete (i.e. exams, essays, presentations) have specific academic requirements. The more aware you become of their requirements the more likely for you to do well.
Our aim is to help you realise the key requirements by working closely with you. For example, the development of an academic argument is highly valued in MBA assignments. You need to know how to make use of theory and how to apply it onto case examples. The development of discussion and analysis, the flow of your narrative and the connection between your ideas, are key qualities academic tutors are looking for in your work.
By working closely with MBA Winner our aim is to foster your understanding about the key milestones that you have to meet. This can be done by heavily editing an essay or with giving you advice and guidance whilst you are producing the work.

Filling in your ‘knowledge gaps’ is an essential precondition to your personal development and learning.
Our aim is not to just do the work for you but to work closely with you so that you are able to foster the qualities and competencies that you need to have in order to excel in your work.

3.    Ongoing and constructive feedback

Your learning experience matters to us. We want to provide you with a service that will genuinely make a difference to your educational experience. For this reason it is important for us to have a good communication channel with you. University tutors have very different expectations for what they like to see in your work. We are not in the position to know what tutors might value more in the coursework. For this reason it is your responsibility to make sure that you understand your tutor’s requirements.

You need to communicate any important information to us. This particularly important for using our Professional Tutoring service where you are in the driving seat. You need to be committed to do the work by closely following the advice and guidance by our MBA Winner tutors.

It is important to remember that our ultimate aim is to provide you with a more personalised service that will not replace any tutoring that you get from your university tutor. Instead, our aim is to become an important resource for allowing you to engage and understand what you have to do in a constructive manner.

Our service adds value to our clients when they are able to find instant support and help when they need it.

We realise that it is often very difficult for students to come into confrontation with university tutors and especially when they show persistence in not giving you the help you need.

For this reason, our aim is to become a helping hand for allowing you to progress with your studies without becoming a stabling blog in your relationship with your university tutor.

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