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Essay writing and tutoring service

Reasons for using our service

There are three main reasons for which MBA students use our service. These are a) family issues, b) workload and c) Stress.



Academic assignments can vary in their wording but also requirements in terms of theory, literature, number crunching, use of IT software, and argumentation. Academic assignments pose specific requirements which are not often self-explanatory. The wording and interpretation of an assignment can be a cause of stress, especially when the tutor does not give additional information for how to tackle it through model answers. Stress can become a serious destabilizer which can distort your attention, motivation and commitment to the course.

Family Issues

MBA students often find difficult to often disclose and address family-related issues to their university tutors. Moreover, the amount of tutoring resources Universities offer tend to be inadequate for serving all students. University tutors can also vary in their expectations and for how much information they are disclosing. As a result, students n face the risk of failing to pass core and elective modules with the result of jeopardising their MBA programme.


MBA students often undertake a Distance MBA programme and have to combine their day-to-day work with having to meet their academic assignments. Hence, creating balance between ‘work’ and ‘studies’ is very challenging. We have helped students who experienced a very demanding working environment and with little consideration for securing the time to study. By assisting with completing the students’ assignments we made a positive difference to the students’ workload and performance. We helped restore the students’ confidence and allowed them to better balance their work, family and academic demands.

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